Dmitry Kondratyev

Editing // Design // Book Publishing

Cover Design

Dmitry wanted to capture the spirit of his metaphor for living: The 4-Wheel Alignment. And living in Motor City, it was only natural to choose an automotive image. The unconventional monotone line art paired well with his color palette. The font Azote is versatile, with light, regular and an outlined bold to convey movement while staying within a single font chicoe.


I proofread and copyedited Dmitry's manuscript, letter by letter. The editing process takes several weeks and is repeated, to ensure accuracy. I also wrote the blurb for his book as well.

Book Publishing

I helped Dmitry navigate CreateSpace, Amazon's self publishing platform. From setting up his account to submitting files for approval, his publciation dealine was easily met.

Kristin helped me to edit and launch my first book on Amazon. She is a great professional and person to work with. Setting her own deadline, while remaining flexible, Kristin was instrumental in my successful completion of this project. A few more already in discussion. I highly recommend Kristin!
— Dmitry Kondratyev, MBA, CPC, ACC