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Speaking // Social Media // Digital Marketing



While the mainstream social media and website platforms are covered, the focus of this course is really the entirety of digital marketing and what one person can realistically accomplish on their own. Whether someone is the solo marketer at a small company or nonprofit organization, or if they're a small business owner looking to grow their customer base, this class covers everything. From how to schedule a Facebook post to the finer points of SEO, students can expect to become a digital marketer in 6 weeks.

Sample Content



Social media is not, contrary to Instagram's name, done instantly. Students are encouraged to create year-long calendars for content marketing.



Being realistic with how many platforms and how much of your time embarking on a digital strategy will take is critical to success.


AB testing and refining every single email, post, blog, photo, video, livestream or anything else is the how you go from a novice to a fully digital master.